2017 - A Year Out and About with

The Yorkshire Traction Honley Band

This page will be dedicated to following the Band out and about throughout the year.

If you visit here regularly, you will catch up with News, reviews, details of what was played and where.



Filey Bandstand - August 2017

And so to the final outdoor Summer Concert of 2017. 

In what has been a very busy summer for the Band, we headed out to the East Coast.   The Band decided to make this a weekend to get together socially and celebrate the end of the Summer Season.

Sunny Filey on a Bank Holiday Weekend.   What more could you ask for!


Our very own Stuart had been poorly recently so we asked Andrew Dean if he would be able to wag the stick for the weekend

And so in front of the Delegates from the Town Council, a bumper Bank Holiday crowd, and having been introduced, the Band started proceedings with Erimus.  The opening march had gone down extremely well with everyone, band included.

Wow!  This was going to be a memorable concert!


The first solo of the day was Andrew Toothill on Euphonium playing Blaydon Races and was quickly followed by British TV @ War.   This is a compliation of some favourite TV theme tunes including Dads Army, It Ain't Half Hot, Mum! and Allo, Allo. 

The cornetist followed this with the final outing of their duet "A Nightingale Sang on Berkley Square"

Kylie Minogue's Locomotion was very warmly welcomed by the Audience and set a few feet tapping.


Next up was Nurseryland for the kids in the audience; compilation of nursery rhymes.  I think we decided that the final count in that was 14 different nursery rhymes.   And the first half was rounded off with a new piece call Lovely Jubilee which, as the name suggests, was penned for the Queens recent Jubilee celebrations.

A quick rest, ice creams and tea followed.... 


We started the second half with The Great Escape March followed by our now famous Soprano Star - Gary Schofield playing the much loved Demelza.

It seems we cannot go anywhere now without the Gary Fan Club.   Members are on the rise!


Mary Poppins went down a storm and received one of the biggest cheers of the day.

Beethoven's Romance and Disney Film Favourites were followed by Bring Me Sunshine, making it something for everyone....no matter the age.

And so to the finale.   ABBA Gold.

The bands lips were wilting by this stage but the enthusiasm of the audience was such that adrenaline took over.

The audience went mad for that one.......they absolutely loved it!

Again, a big thank you to our guest Conductor, Andrew Dean, along with Poppy on Flugel and Nat on Bass.   And of course we can never forget Hetty.  Hetty always turns up on front row when we need her.  Thank you.


Following the thanks of appreciation from the Town Council Officials, and a section of the audience screaming "We love you, Gary!" and the rapturous applause from the public, the band packed away and headed off for a well earned drink and Fish and Chip supper. 

There was even a portion or three of crispy duck in there somewhere, Lisa's impersonation of "The Dab".....badly.......and a lot of tomato sauce.   Personally I blame Beth!


Thank you to all the Band members and guests over the summer that have put so much time and energy into playing and practicing the pieces.

I think we can safely say that this summer was a success.  

May next summer be even better.   Onwards and upwards.

The Band will now prepare for an autumn concert and an Entertainment Contest in October - Pogson Bray in Elland.  Judging by this weekend, we will not be far off.

Come along and support us.


 Posted:   29 August 2017


Summer Holiday events - 2017

As is usual with most bands, the summer months and holiday season leaves bands with very little members to be able to perform too much.   It's all hands to the decks and borrow where possible.

There were a couple of events of note....

The Band travelled to Skipton at the request of a Wedding Party to perform for the waiting guests prior to a wedding.  A beautiful setting...


Yorkshire Day over at Oakwell Hall.   Our trombone section chatting on what dynamics they should be using.   P for powerful or F for with force!

This is becoming a regular annual event for us now.   Hopefully we will be booked again for next year, we love playing there.


Not our Usual Cornet line up......

Our humble thanks to the star players that covered the front and back row, the audience must have had a real treat. 

Next up we have an away day in Filey.   We hope to see you there for Brass and Ice Creams.


 Posted 17th August 2017


Notton Village Vintage Car Show - July 2017

Today we returned to the lovely village of Notton for their Vintage Car Show.  

It was an early start for the Band - you know.....all the usual.....lack of beauty sleep, lack of breakfast and definitely lack of decent coffee.   To our horror we had to leave even before Costa Coffee had opened.  This turned out to be a very long journey for our Principal Cornet's personal driver.  Picture, if you will, Daddy Bear without his porridge!  Well that's not a patch on PC without her coffee.




It was a 10am meet for a 10.30am start on a Sunday......that's right, you heard me right....10am start!

We were very lucky to borrow Neil Robinson, the MD from Friendly Band (Sowerby Bridge) to stand in for our very own Stuart, who was away on his holiday for a well earned rest.   We broke the early start to him on the Thursday before just to ensure he didn't opt out.

Neil did a sterling job mixing things about a bit with Gary on Soprano a little perplexed that we didn't start with The Great Escape and British TV War Themes.  

The first of three sets started with True and Trusty March followed by sprinkling of our usual set, but not necessarily in the same order - all this really messed with Gary's routine!


With temperatures rising to 30 degrees, a visit to the Ice Cream van was in order after the first set.   

While serving us, the Ice Cream man was quite enthusiastic with our music, stating that he normally turns his radio up to drown out the din......but not this time.....he was loving it and was looking forward to more.  Praise indeed.

The second and third sets saw new Marches - Westward Ho, The Chieftain and the Premier outings of Chanson D'Amour, Nicea and I Don't Know How to Love Him Solo performed by Lisa Milnes, our Principal Cornet.  They latter two were arranged by Neil Robinson and first seen by the Band on the rehearsal before.  Neil was feeling brave. 



All in all we had a great day, brilliant sunshine and a superb audience.   We have now forgiven them for the early start as we enjoyed ourselves so much.....and we found coffee for Lisa.

As usual, our thanks extend to Neil Robinson for wagging the stick today, and to his lovely wife, Anne, for assisting on the back row cornet section.

We now have a couple of weeks before a very busy weekend at the Hall Bower Beer Festival (22nd) and the up to Skipton for a wedding (23rd), but before them we are a taking a week off to rest our lips


 Posted:  10th July 2017


St Winefrides RC School Fete - July 2017

Another very fine, but blustery day saw the Band head out to Wibsey for St Winefrides RC School Summer Fete.

Apart from the Flugel player (who shall remain nameless), we all managed to find our way out of Huddersfield and arrive at Wibsey with very little problems.




We started off the programme a little differently this time.   A request was made to play a few tunes while the children walked down to parade their fancy dresses.   Stuart duly obliged in keeping with the event with Nurseryland and Postman Pat.  There was a brief interlude whilst judging was carried out, then 3 sets of half an hour each were performed.

There was an enormous turnout for the Fete, we suspected that either the weather was forecast to be hot and sunny, or they had heard that we were entertaining this year.   I will let you make your own mind up



Absent this week was Gary's fan club.   He was obviously a little tight with his following last week, but he performed magnificently, and they missed a treat.

Sunburn and windburn aside, the Band had a fabulous afternoon playing all our favourites to an appreciative audience.   We look forward to being invited back next year.

Next up is the Notton Car Show



 Posted 3rd July 2017


Roundhay Park, Leeds - June 2017

Another week, another Park.   I have to say that the good folk of Leeds love their Brass Bands, especially when its sunny.

This week we headed to Roundhay Park and set up outside the Café and Tropical Gardens.





This was the day that Gary Schofield, on Soprano, brought his fan club along.   As the Solo performance was announced and Gary stood up to take his place, there was raptures from the audience.   We just want to know how much that actually cost him.

He didn't disappoint his followers and produced a blinding performance (banging, I think they call it nowadays) and at the end the audience went into further raptures of appreciation.


Unbeknown to the Band, Josh decided to broadcast live a couple of numbers over Facebook.   Keep an eye on this in future, if you are interested.  You never know when Josh hits that "live" button on Facebook.



There were a number of very young children in the audience that afternoon so the MD decided to tailor the programme to ensure they were suitably entertained.  Out came Nurseryland, Postman Pat and Disney Favourites.

I think we can safely assume the large crowd enjoyed the day.   As a bandsman, it is really nice and encouraging to see so many people sitting down and spending a couple of hours listening to us.  

Thank you Leeds.

Wisbey School Gala Next Sunday!


 Posted 26th June 2017


 Bramley Park, Leeds - June 2017

On what was, so far, the hottest day of the year, Yorkshire Traction Honley Band visited Bramley Park in Leeds.  The "management" decided that they would do good to hide under a rather large tree to keep the sun off the band in what would otherwise be a gruelling 2 hours.

Again the band started off with the Great Escape March and followed by the now accustomed programme of War Themes.   As the first half went on, the crowds grew and parked up (some in the sun, others in any shade they could find) to listen in.



During the break, we chatted with a number of the locals who seems rather pleased that there was a band in their park, something of a rarity it seems.  One young lady even rushed back home to drop her pooch off, hurried back to listen only to find us wandering around.   She thought we had finished and was rather pleased to hear that we were only half way through and didn't rush back in vain.

Unbeknown to us, a few of the Band members disappeared off to find a local shop to purchase ice creams and water for a very hot and parched band...... I'm sure it was a ploy to ensure we didn't desert!

Thank you, it was very much appreciated.


The second half provided a few curve balls from the MD.   The sun must have got to him and bravado took over.....yes a couple more new pieces came out......That's 2 weeks running now Boss.  It's becoming a bit of a habit!

Public airing for "Tammy" and "Love and Marriage" went down particulary well with the audience and will more than likely come out again.  He's getting brave.



So the conclusion of another successful set appreciated by a large local crowd, who requested that we visit them again soon.  

Next up - Roundhay Park, Leeds next Sunday



 Posted 19th June 2017


Notton Gala - June 2017                                      

What a difference a year makes......anyone remember last year when the heavens opened and the Gala was quite literally abandoned?  

Have a look back at the photo gallery for last year........remember now?   We watched carefully at the black clouds passing overhead this year, but seemed to escape rain for the second day running.





Today we played three sets of 30 minutes with a very similar programme that we played at the Honley Show.......but it was sunny!

Numbers were well up on last year and by the time we reached the end of the second set of three, a rather large crowd had amassed to listen to our playing.   I have to say that the band played well and the appreciation was shown by the audience.


This is Josh.......our very talented kit drummer.   Now Josh always takes the photos of the band during the pieces that there isn't any percussion needed. This is great but we never see Josh in any of our pictures.....until now....

Once again we pass on our thanks to a number of people that popped along to help us out. 

Stephanie and Stuart Black from London Metropolitan Brass played Repiano and 2nd Cornet, having contested in Saddleworth on Friday, and did so on their way back to the Big Smoke.  We hope you enjoyed your weekend.



Kevin from Linthwaite Band assisted on the Trombone line.

We also saw the welcome, but brief, appearance from Hetty on front. 

Thank you everyone for playing along with us.

That's about it for this weekend.   We are next up in Bramley Park, Leeds next Sunday.   Hope to see you there.


 Posted 11th June 2017



 Honley Show 2017

The weather didn't look too promising at 9.30am that morning and a hasty message was sent around by the Band Sergeant at the last rehearsal........wellies would be required.........That didn't bode too well.



We are glad to say that even though our Principal Cornet turned out in regulation purple boots, the rain managed to stay away even though it was incredibly boggy.



This year we played three sets of 30 minutes.  We played a number of our favourites from the Spring concert, along with a few new items.   The MD bravely announced that we would play a couple of items that were very recently put into our pads.

We started off with the traditional march to warm us up.....The Great Escape.


Well done to all the Soloists again with the addition of Steve on the Flugel.   This year he has chosen to play the now infamous "Orange Juice" from Brassed Off.  

The crowd grew as the programme went on......always a good sign that you are playing the right things, and well.

We finished our programme off with the famous Blues Brothers song, Everybody Needs Somebody.


Our thanks go to our deps and good friends that helped us out...Thank you to Joe, Ronan on cornet, and Andrew on Trombone.

 A couple of future YTHB Players, possibly?




and finally............

Just to prove that advertising works, there is nothing better than advertising yourself by playing.   We were approached at the end by another possible player........watch this space........we are growing.


 Posted:  10th June 2017




Spring Concert 2017

All the hard work over the past few months for both the Senior Band and the Training Band paid off as an appreciative audience were entertained with a 1st half of War songs.   Following the interval, the Training Band took to the stage flanked by the Senior Band and opened the 2nd half with Slaidburn March.  

The Training Band then performed a selection of tunes and were then re-joined by the Senior Band to play Disney Film Favourites as a collaboration.

Following on from there, the Training Band retired following some great playing, and the concert continued with easy listening pieces. 




The 1st half of the concert was themed War Songs.   Classics such as The Great Escape, a compilation of Songs of the Great War and British TV  @ War themes.   We also featured a number of solos.

Demelza - Gary Schofield on Soprano.

A Nightingale Sang on Berkeley Square - Lisa Milnes and Simon Jarman on Cornet.

and Blaydon Races with Darren Wood on Euphonium.

As is traditional with Brass Bands, Eventide arranged by Leigh Baker was included in the programme as the staple hymn.


The Training Band conducted by Darren Wood took to the stage following the interval and entertained the audience with a few numbers.

The Joint Band opened with Slaidburn March.   The Training Band were flanked each side by the Senior Band.   This was followed by the Training Band playing a song made famous by One Direction, the Muppets and Scooby Doo theme tunes.


At the conclusion of their set, they were joined with on Stage by the Senior Band and play Disney Film Favourites as a joint collaboration.

Having taken the applause from the audience, the Training Band departed the stage for a well earned rest.


The second half of the concert saw a number of lighter pieces including (Meet) The Flintstones, Postman Pat, You've Got a Friend In Me (Toy Story), Nurseryland and was finished off with Christopher Wormald's arrangement of Mary Poppins.

The Simpsons Theme was played as an encore followed by, as is traditional, the National Anthem signalling the end of the concert.




Yorkshire Traction Honley Band would like to thank the audience for supporting our organisation.   All proceeds from the Concert will be going towards the new roof to the Bandroom that is badly needed, so we thank you for your support. 

More photographs can been found on our Facebook page or by navigating to the photographs on the side menu.


 Posted:  15th May 2017





Summer is on its way!

We have been busy reheasing in readiness for our spring and summer concerts and gigs since we came back from our Christmas break.   It's not long now before our first appearance of the year - Our Annual Spring Concert. 

This years setting is Honley High School on Sunday 14th May at 2pm.

The theme of this years Spring Concert is Tunes from the Wars followed by a selection of easy listening light music assured to entertain any audience.




This concert is of great importance to the whole Band, not just the Senior Band.   It's the first time in the year that both bands are all brought together, and at some point during the concert, the Senior Band will play alongside the Training Band.   This helps the development of the training band and also shows the junior members what they need to do to step up.

If you haven't already got your ticket, they can be obtained by any of the band member or simply turn up on the day and purchase on the door.


 Posted:  10th May 2017




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