Meet the Band - The Horns 

The tenor horn is a valved brass instrument in the key of Eb and is of similar shape to the Baritone albeit smaller.   The tenor horns conical bore and deep mouthpiece produces a mellow, rounded tone which is often used as a middle voice supporting the cornets or flugelhorn.   It also fills the gap above the lower tenor and basses.  

The Horn Section is generally made up of the Flugelhorn and the Tenor Horns, although the Flugelhorn can also be found within the Cornet Section.   Where the Flugelhorn sits is generally down to the taste of the Musical Director and where he or she feel it is best suited for the pieces being played.

At the Yorkshire Traction Honley Band our Flugelhorn sits with the Back Row Cornets.

  Solo Horn                 
    Joe Harrison - Biography to follow                          
  1st Horn    
    Bethany Balaam - Biography to follow  
  2nd Horn    
    Rita Palmer - Biography to Follow  

 Updated:  22 August 2017


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