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"Trombone" is the Italian word tromba (trumpet) plus the suffix - one (big).   In other words, it literally means "big trumpet".

The trombones are a unique breed, they are the only non-valved brass instruments in a Brass Band.  The pitch is changed with a combination of the players embrouchure and the use of the slide.  

You will normally find two tenor trombones...the Principal or Soloist, and 2nd Trombone along with a Bass Trombone.



  Solo Trombone                                    

David Wood

I am an aspiring Bass player……I can’t wait to learn the secrets of their music filing system.   Currently I am sitting on the pinnacle of the greasy pole which is the Trombone Section; a very uncomfortable position to be in, I can tell you.   I once gained notoriety as the roving correspondent Tom Bone for the Yorkshire Traction in house magazine.

I first started to play a brass instrument when I went to Secondary School.   We were all paraded in front of the music teacher who handed out various instruments; guitars, violins etc.  When it was my turn, he said to me “Show me your teeth”.   I duly grimaced and he announced, “You can play the Trombone”.  He followed that up with “Tha’s got a be a bit of a bugger t’ play’t trombone, lad!”   (Teachers could say that sort of thing in the 70’s, and he should have known, he is reputed to have played Principal Trombone for the Black Dyke Mills Band for 25 years).   I have found it a very useful maxim and tried to live up to the expectation for the rest of my life.

When I was a student, I lived in the St Pauls district of Bristol at the time of the riots.   One day a large Rastafarian with a big hat and dreadlock knocked on my door whilst I was practicing (Editor: Amazing in itself, believe me!).   My flatmate let him in thinking he was going to complain about the dreadful racket coming from my room, however the guy said to me that he was looking for a brass section for his reggae band and I would fit the bill.   He signed me up on the spot, much to my flatmates disgust.

Some of the highlights of my band career include playing for Princess Anne at the opening of the children’s centre, marching up and down the pitch at the then name McAlpine Stadium in a drum head service, and pushing the band’s coach, which had broken down in heavy traffic at a set of traffic lights just outside Blackpool.

Close observers of the Band will have noted that as Section Leader, the other trombone players are totally at my beck and call.   I only have to click my fingers and they are there…not a crotchet out of place……hint, hint (I wish!).

  2nd Trombone    
    Caroline Balaam - Biography to follow  
    Paul Scattergood - Biography to follow  
  Bass Trombone    
                                         Georgina Blakeley - Biography to follow                             
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