Meet the Band - The Trombones 

"Trombone" is the Italian word tromba (trumpet) plus the suffix - one (big).   In other words, it literally means "big trumpet".

The trombones are a unique breed, they are the only non-valved brass instruments in a Brass Band.  The pitch is changed with a combination of the players embrouchure and the use of the slide.  

You will normally find two tenor trombones...the Principal or Soloist, and 2nd Trombone along with a Bass Trombone.



  Solo Trombone                                    
  Caroline Balaam - Biography to follow
  2nd Trombone    
    Paul Scattergood - Biography to follow  
  Bass Trombone    
                                         Georgina Blakeley - Biography to follow                             
      Updated: 05 September 2017         

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